5-Phase Distribution Development Program


We undertake a deep analysis of the customer's current global distribution, how dealers are appointed, key account customer approach, management, market goals, credit lines, competitive position and to understand where any current dealers are fully short of the target performance mark.

Executive Plan

Based on our Situational Analysis, we prepare an extensive and detailed Executive Plan that encompasses all necessary action items to achieve successful distribution growth and development.


We leverage our network of 300 financial institutions worldwide to seek referrals and gain intelligence regarding current dealers and possible new dealers to be appointed. By leaning on financial institutions for referral of dealers, our clients can be more certain they will have partners with good reputation, integrity, and are creditworthy. This allows our clients to get new dealers more easily qualified for credit, and start selling to the new partners.


Signing up the new partners. We help our clients to negotiate the right terms and conditions with new distribution partners.

Dealer Development

Once the dealer is on board, we help make it a long-lasting, successful relation by supporting the manufacturer to set up revolving credit lines, joint retail finance programs, key account customer management and marketing/branding.

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