Presentation phase 1
Situational Analysis

We take a 360 degree look at the customer's current global footprint of sales and distribution, dealer credit and end-customer retail finance programs, key account customer approach, management, market goals and competitive position and analyze all possibilities to expand sales through enhanced financing capabilities.


Presentation phase 2
Strategic Plan

Based on our Situational Analysis, we prepare an extensive and detailed Strategic Plan, outlining specific objectives, targets and action items necessary to enable financing to support the growth of international sales at the wholesale and retail levels.


Presentation phase 3

Next is action. We carry out the agreed actions in the Strategic Plan, which includes using our 300 financial institution base of contacts to create financing partnerships between banks, credit insurers, leasing companies and our manufacturer customers. We help negotiate agreements with multiple partners per country, enabling manufacturers to buy down interest rates, mitigate risk, and support sales managers and dealers in the market with the help of the financial partners. We devise the finance program calculations and agree the promotions with our clients and their new financial partners.


Presentation phase 4

Next is to ensure everyone is on the same page. We work with the manufacturer, its new financial partners and dealers to reinforce the financing programs, train on making financial offers and calculations, qualifying buyers for financing, structuring transaction and project finance using trade finance, leasing, bank credits, and supplier credits. Training is available for credit managers, sales managers, dealers and legal staff to have a full-degree of coverage in using the new finance program.


Presentation phase 5

Last, we need to spread the word. Now it's time to ensure maximum exposure and promotion by working with the manufacturer, its dealers and new financial partners to create brochures, press releases, ensure co-promotion, and adequate website and social media coverage. We provide turn-key marketing solutions for the financial program to shine: Website and portal development, translation, printing, design and shipping of all marketing material to support the finance program and more.



Today, ITF has agents in 85 countries, works with over 300 financial institutions, and has a network of over 2,500 equipment manufacturers and dealers worldwide.



  • Deals come in randomly via on-line inquiries or e-mail request from a multitude of countries.
  • Project by project business, with direct sales to randomlist of countries
  • Not yet using credit insurance
  • Looking to find & appoint new dealers
  • Willing to try new ideas and learn, taking small steps at first
  • International business is not an option, but a requirement
  • At least 5 target country markets have been identified as strateric and sustainable markets, where most opportunities come from and where is important for your product or service
  • 11 or more export markets
  • International sales expansion is imperative
  • Using credit insurance to extend terms to dealers
  • < 3 financial partners to support international markets
  • Limited direct sales with financing to key account customers
  • Dealers need increased credit limits
  • At least 10 target country markets have been identified as strateric and sustainable markets, where most opportunities come from and where is important for your product or service
  • 40 or more export markets plus foreign manufacturing
  • Serious about international growth and reinvestment
  • Already understand financing solutions are key to sales
  • Ready and able to compete for large projects and try innovative solutions
  • Broad market and large project financing needed
  • Dealers need increased credit limits and investment